Koch has the experience to handle any curtainwall replacement.


Trust Koch for Curtainwall Replacement

Less than 30 years ago single glazed aluminum curtainwall and non-insulated panels were the state of the art. After years of UV degradation of gaskets, panels and finishes, most curtainwalls can be a detriment to the integrity of the building. Replacing those old curtainwalls eliminates leaks, improves energy performance and enhances the appearance of the building. Whether large or small, unitized or stick, Koch has the experience to handle any curtainwall replacement.

Humana Building, Louisville, KY

In order to not disrupt the flow of business in the Humana building in Louisville, KY, Koch Corporation did all the Curtainwall work at night.

Carnegie Library, Jefferson, IN

Koch Corporation worked with Louis & Henry Architectural Firm on this historical window replacement job to develop details from their design study of the original blueprint. Custom made windows by Marvin Windows and Curtainwalls & Canvases by Kawneer.

Oxford Federal Office Building

Koch worked with Alvin Cox in Louisville on this federal office building in Oxford Mississippi. The curtainwall was manufactured by Kawneer and Koch Corporation designed and built the exterior skin of the stairwell on this building.