Koch Corporation has a very caring and generous heart.

Koch Community Service Projects

Koch Cares for the Community

Whether it’s sending in the entire staff at Koch to help out a church in need of windows to start an after school program or emergency repairs to a storefront after a tragic accident, Koch is there to lend a hand. Koch cares for its community and has given generously to community service projects throughout its existence.

Koch Helps Jonathan Get His Eagle Scout

Jonathan Heffley in Scout uniform_tn

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Christ Church for Our Community

When Koch Corporation heard about Christ’s Church for Our Community wanting to update the windows in their education wing so that they could hold an after school program to help the children do their homework, they jumped right on the chance to make a difference in the community. Koch donated all the vinyl windows, the necessary siding, the two new doors and the labor to do the project. In fact, the commitment from Koch was so high, the office staff even helped install the windows! Koch put the phones on voicemail and the entire staff in the office joined the installers to help make the renovation in the education wing happen! Everyone celebrated together by having a little on-site cookout.

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A Womans Choice Resource Center

Women's Choice
Koch Corporation stepped in to help A Woman’s Choice Resource Center in Louisville, KY after a drunk driver crashed through their plate glass storefront and took out the front of the building. This small, non-profit organization benefited from Koch’s generosity as well as their expertise and excellence in the restoration of their building.

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