San Diego International Airport

Koch Corporation is a leading specialty contractor in the FAA Airport Sound Mitigation Noise Reduction Quieter Home program using its own in-house sound mitigation team.

Project Description

San Diego International Airport is the busiest single use-runway, commercial service airport in the world, and second busiest single use-runway in the world with approximately 550 departures and arrivals carrying 50,000 passengers each day, and a total of 16,890,722 passengers in 2011. San Diego is the largest metropolitan area of the United States that serves as neither a hub nor a secondary hub for any airline. Due to this high traffic, it is easy to understand why the FAA has needed to target the surrounding neighborhoods for the Quieter Home Program. Heritage Architecture & Planning and the Jones Payne Group were commissioned by the San Diego International Airport and the FAA to assist in the planning and implementation of sound attenuation measures needed around the San Diego International Airport. Because many of the homes and businesses affected by the noise-impact were in historically significant areas, Heritage Architecture & Planning was needed to prepare the scope of work reports. Koch Corporation, a leader in both the areas of installing sound mitigating windows and doors, as well as installing historically significant windows, often won, through the competitive bidding process, contracts to perform the necessary sound abatement measures in the different phases of the Quieter Home Program in San Diego. On the phases of the sound abatement which Koch Corporation did with Jones Payne Group, Aluminum windows and Wooden Sliding Glass Doors by TM Cobb Company and JB Sash & Doors were used in some of the historical sections of the homes and businesses. Aluminum windows by St. Cloud Window Company and Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors by Torrence Aluminum were also installed by Koch’s experienced team.

During another Historical phase of the Quieter Home Program managed by Jones Payne in which Koch Corporation was the general contractor, Larson wood windows, storm windows and skylights, Milgard vinyl windows, Peerless Aluminum windows, St. Cloud Historical Aluminum Windows, PEM prime doors and Torrence aluminum sliding glass doors were used so that the historical significance and integrity was maintained in the buildings.

During the course of subsequent phases, all managed by C & S Companies, Larson wood windows, storm windows and skylights, Milgard vinyl windows, Graham Aluminum and vinyl windows, PEM prime and fire rated doors, Mon-Ray storm windows, Specialty Door Company prime doors and Torrence aluminum sliding glass doors were used.

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Heritage Architecture & Planning
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Airport Sound Mitigation

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