Tulsa International Airport

Koch Corporation is a leading specialty contractor in the FAA Airport Sound Mitigation Noise Reduction Quieter Home program using its own in-house sound mitigation team.

Project Description

C&S Companies is a national leader in the airport sound mitigation program management arena. Because Tulsa International Airport has been expanding their use of the 4000 acres on which they sit, a 13-year sound reduction effort has been ongoing. Over the 13-year period of time, 175 homes per year were updated for sound improvement. Koch Corporation is one of the national contractors that often participates in the Quieter Home Program and has done 35 of the jobs represented and managed by C & S Companies. During the phase of the FAA Quieter Homes Program in which Koch Corporation was the installer in Tulsa, they installed vinyl windows by Sound Solutions, prime doors by PEM, storm doors by Armaclad Windows and Doors, and sliding glass doors by Larson.

Quick Stats
Tulsa, OK
General Contractor
C & S Companies
Armaclad Windows & Doors
Acoustical Windows and Doors
Airport Sound Mitigation

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